Celldweller || Amazing MetalStep/Electro/Metal/Rock Artist

When I saw the genres of music Electro, Electronic, and Metal in the same sentence I got a little giddy.  I’ve rarely seen such an awesome combination of genres since I’ve been listening to electronic music.  Not only does Celldweller bring out the nasty beats on his own original songs, but also has some pretty nasty remixes including one that includes tracks from Metallica, Black Sabbath, among others.  Not only has he shown that he is the master of the womp, but also timing and melody.

Front man and Celldweller brain child Klayton, currently located out of Detroit, Michigan, has been part of many cult status underground bands including Circle of Dust, Brainchild, and Argyle Park.  He was also in a group called Angeldust with illusionist Criss Angel, where they worked together to create a live theatrical show that incorporated music, illusions, and show.

As of 1999 Klayton focused on his solo project Celldweller, realeasing a five track EP that same year. After receiving many high marks he was delayed by many setbacks that resulted in his first album being released a long two years later.  The self titled album reached #17 on Billboards Internet Sales Chart and won many Just Plain Folk Awards as well.  The rest is history.  Check out some of my favorite tracks I’ve heard thus far from Celldweller and support this amazing artist!


Asking Alexandria – A Lesson Never Learned (Celldweller Remix)


Celldweller – Disposable War Pigs (Klash Up Remix)


Celldweller – Eon (DrivePilot Remix)



Chiller more ambient sound

Celldweller – Gift For You


Most popular song on Youtube

Celldweller – Switchback


Celldweller – Frozen (Celldweller vs Blue Stahli)


Celldweller’s Soundcloud

Celldweller’s Website


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