Funk-O-USBs || Electric Forest, Rothbury MI this year!


Be on the look out for these fresh Funk-O-USBs this year at Electric Forest Festival in Rothbury, MI. Featuring 6 original tracks from yours truly you wont want to miss these if you’re going!

Heres to finally finding Carl this year, thanks Funk-O-Fam



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ℱuηк◎ṧcope || Navigo [Original – Free Download]


Enter the depths, out of control & out of mind. There’s no telling of what is to find, but the beauty lures you further into the abyss.

This brand new track combines elements of ambient psychedelic house, with an electronic journey song that only Funkoscope could create. Plans for the next song include a more beat focused, simple track. Drop a line on Soundcloud, follow Funkoscope, & grab the always free download!



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ℱuηк◎ṧcope || De Depths Howling [Original – Free Download]



New original, psychedelic track that i’ve spent WAY too long perfecting is finally uploaded to de SoundCloud. Go check it out & leave a line / like! From the depths of our imagination, we can never be too sure of what lays below. For tragedy or for glory, we shall find out as time flows.

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Original Art:…iYm-9j4wDG-niur7E

Funkoscope == Overt Transmutation [Original Psychedelic Hip Hop]

Brando_ Doran

ℱuηк◎ṧcope || Persistent Disaster [Original Ragga Synth / Moombahton Mix]

This is not a painting!

Not the usual style, anything but. A Persistent Disaster through & through.


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